About Us

Thanks for visiting Strand Apothecary, where you will find artisan soaps, lotions, scrubs and other unique bath and body products designed to feed your vintage soul.

Growing up along the Texas Gulf Coast, I spent many a summer walking the beaches of Galveston Island and savoring the soul of the island's historic Strand District, an eclectic mix of old and new, vintage and modern, antique shops and art galleries. Always a bit of an "old soul" myself, I was eager to return to those simpler times and moved to take up both the farming life and the art of soap making. Those passions meet in the creations of Strand Apothecary.

My goal is to offer unique bath and body products handcrafted in much the same way they were long ago, but with a bit of a modern touch--a splash of color, a fun fragrance. Strand Apothecary appreciates the simplicity and romance of the past and draws inspiration from it. Our products are classy, but with a twist; nostalgic, yet sometimes quirky; elegant, yet edgy. 

Come in and visit. I invite you to enjoy the simplicity and elegance of our handmade, hand-poured and hand-stirred offerings. My hope is that they will provide you with a brief escape from today's hectic world and allow you to savor just a moment in time.

Our crew includes:

CEO  and Caprine Crew Chief 

Creative Director

Product Tester and
Junior Goat Herder


The Girls, Production Department